Open Positions

I am always looking for talented and highly motivated people (Postdocs, PhD, master, and undergraduate) to join my group.

Graduate Students (PhD and MSE)

    Interested in working with me:
    Please apply to the AMS graduate program and/or CS graduate program, and mention my name in your application. If you are already at JHU or have been admitted to JHU, feel free to send me an email.

    I am looking to recruit MSE & Ph.D. students in the following areas:
    • Optimization for machine learning and data science.
    • Algorithms for differentiable/smooth games, adversarial formulations, variational inequalities.
    • Algorithms for collaborative learning (distributed, federated, and decentralized protocols).
    • Theory of deep learning.
    • Randomized numerical linear algebra (linear systems solvers, sketch and project methods).


    The AMS department have several open Postdoctoral Fellowships every year. See Employment Opportunities for more details. If you are interested in applying for these positions, please send me an email with your CV, research interests and motivation.